Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Washington Renews Terrorism Alert In Europe

The United States renewed its warnings on Monday of the risk of "terrorist" attacks in Europe following the attacks of recent weeks in France, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The State Department regularly issues alerts to Americans living or traveling abroad. The consular service of the US Department of Foreign Affairs updated the alerts for Europe, since the last one was on May 31, 2016, during the football Eurocopa in France.
"The State Department warns US citizens about the continuing threat of terrorist attacks in Europe," diplomacy warned in a statement, citing "the latest incidents in France, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom."
This "demonstrates that (the groups) the Islamic State (EI), Al-Qaeda and its factions have the ability to predict and perpetrate terrorist attacks in Europe," the State Department said.
The United States is concerned about attacks on "tourist places, means of transportation, shopping centers, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, public events, schools, airports" that may be targets of "firearms, Vehicles, and weapons. "

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