Saturday, May 6, 2017

USA Police Officer Accused Of Murdering Black Teenager

An American policeman was charged on Friday with the killing of a black teenager, killed when the officer shot a car full of young people leaving a party, police said.

The Dallas sheriff's office announced that it had issued an arrest warrant for Roy Oliver, a policeman from Balch Springs, in the suburbs of Texas, for Jordan Edwards' homicide Saturday night.
There are indications that Roy Oliver "intends to inflict serious bodily harm and commit an act that clearly endangers the lives of others and has caused death," the Sheriff's office wrote in a statement, Announcing the police officer's indictment by a Texas judge.
Roy Oliver, 37, was dismissed by law enforcement officials and could not be found on Friday, local media reported.
The policeman was called with a colleague Saturday for a report of minors drinking alcohol, according to the Dallas Morning News. When they arrived, they heard shots. Jordan Edwards and four other youngsters got into a car to leave the area on hearing the shots, according to local press
The policeman then pulled the car, touching Jordan Edwards to the head.
Initially, police officials claimed that Roy Oliver had fired because the vehicle was aggressively retreating towards him, according to the Dallas Morning News. But they finally changed this version after seeing the images recorded by the camera attached to the police officer's uniform, explaining that they showed that the car actually moved away when Jordan Edwards was hit.
Similar cases of police violence against blacks regularly shock the United States, the more numerous to be known in recent years that the facts are now often filmed, by passers-by or the cameras worn by the police officers themselves.

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