Sunday, May 7, 2017

US Army Confirms Death Of Chief Of IA In Afghanistan

The Afghan government and the US military confirmed on Sunday the death of the head of the Islamic State (IS) group in Afghanistan, Abdul Hasib, during a joint operation of US and local forces in the east of the country at the end of April.

"Several other high-ranking officials" of the organization were also killed and 35 fighters, during the raid by Afghan commandos in partnership with US forces, said the headquarters of US forces in Afghanistan in a statement.
In a separate statement, the Afghan presidency "confirms that Abdul Hasib, leader of the EI-Khorasan (name of the local branch of the IA in Afghanistan, ed.) Was killed in the province of Nangarhar," border of Pakistan and Stronghold of the IE.
The Pentagon had announced on 29 April, without being able to confirm it, the "probable" death of Abdul Hasib during an operation that had cost the lives of two American Rangers, possibly killed by "friendly shots".
"This successful joint operation is another important step in our resolute campaign to annihilate the EI-K in 2017," said US boss Kabul, General John Nicholson, who has 8,400 troops in Afghanistan under the banner of " Nato.
"It is the second Emir of the EI that we kill in nine months with dozens of other leaders and hundreds of their fighters." For more than two years, the EI-K has been conducting a barbaric campaign of assassinations, Torture and violence against the Afghan population, especially in southern Nangarhar, "said General Nicholson.
The Pentagon has set itself the goal of ending the IA in Afghanistan in the coming months.
US forces recalled that they launched an anti-EI offensive in the Nangarhar in early March in order to dislodge the Islamists, "and to send a clear message to the IA indicating that there would be no sanctuary for its fighters In Afghanistan ".
"At this point, the campaign helped to free half of the districts under the control of the IA and the population to return home" and to "capture hundreds of jihadist fighters."
The US military, among other things, dropped the most powerful conventional bomb in its arsenal on the underground positions of the IA in the Achin district of Nangarhar in mid-April, killing 96 jihadists.

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