Wednesday, May 17, 2017

United States: Republicans Uncomfortable After Trump's Confessions

In the United States, Republicans are once again uncomfortable following the revelations of the Washington Post. Has the US president disclosed ultra sensitive information regarding an operation of the Islamic State group in preparation, to the head of Russian diplomacy during their meeting in the oval office? No, says the White House, obliged to affirm that Donald Trump did not compromise national security.
The entourage of the president of the United States, therefore, has difficulty in limiting the damage, especially since the New York Times now affirms that the president tried to cancel the investigation on the links of General Flynn with Russia.

If many Republican politicians still defend their president, considering that he has the right to share any information that he considers useful, classified or not, several conservative tenors take their distance with Donald Trump.

Senator John McCain describes the revelations of the Washington Post as "  very disturbing  ", for his colleague Ben Sasse, they are even "  frightening  ". Senator Bob Corker deplores "  a lack of discipline that creates chaos  " and that "  the White House is now in a whirlwind that pulls it down  ."

Republican Susan Collins, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, goes even further: Donald Trump's attitude is likely to discourage US allies in the future who would like to share information that is vital to the security of the United States, she fears.

For his part, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, asked for a full explanation of the facts from the administration. And Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell finds it hard to hide his annoyance: "  With a little less drama in the White House, we could finally get things done and focus on our agenda,  " he said. "He said.

General McMaster to the rescue of the president

The denials follow one another and are not alike, notes our correspondent in Washington Anne-Marie Capomaccio. And it was President Trump's national security adviser who was forced to respond to the reporters. His first denials of the Washington Post revelations were no longer enough, wiped out by a morning tweet of the president, who wrote in substance, "  I have every right to give information to the Russians  ." General McMaster is clever. He actually confirms the Washington Post 's investigation, but reiterates 10 times the term "appropriate": the president, he said, did nothing illegal. The counselor confirmed that these revelations were not foreseen. The language elements,

Moreover, General McMaster adds that he could not reveal everything to the Russians: "  The information shared was perfectly appropriate because I must tell you very clearly that the president did not even know where this information came from. He had not been briefed on the source, nor on the method!  "

The perpetrators, according to General McMaster, are the journalists: "  National security is indeed in danger, because of these leaks! This is not the first time it has happened, and I think it is important to investigate these things. "

The White House does not control its communication

As a response to these accusations, the American press is delighted with the affair, and is broadcasting Donald Trump's campaign rallies at a time when the candidate was singing "Hillary Clinton in prison." "  We can not afford to have a person in the oval office who does not understand the meaning of the word " classified, "said Donald Trump.

What is certain today is that the White House does not control its communication. Some counselors do not hide their exasperation. The spokesman learned in the press that he was being sought for a replacement. Donald Trump has the solution. He proposed to hold the press briefings himself.

Democrats, like Senator Schiff, are on their side angry at a president who must be monitored on an ongoing basis. " The president's tweet suggests that he spoke well about a serious issue, " the senator said. And we must immediately try to limit the damage to prevent the danger we run to our sources. "

Tuesday night is a new scandal, unveiled by the New York Times this time, which happened. The President of the United States would have asked the FBI director to bury the investigation into General Flynn and his possible links with Russia. James Comey refused. He was sacked last week.

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