Wednesday, May 3, 2017

United States: Obama Presents His Future Presidential Library

Former President Barack Obama unveiled on Wednesday the design of his future presidential library in Chicago, a state-of-the-art half-billion dollar project that will, by de-dusting the concept, bring the "next generation of leaders ".

It is not one but three buildings that will come out of the ground on the Jackson Park, a square created for the 1893 Universal Exhibition and opened on Lake Michigan.
The ground of approximately 20,500 m² will accommodate a museum in the shape of a hexagonal tower, as well as two buildings on one level: a proper library and a place of a forum, both surmounted by roofs arranged in green areas, according to models in 3D presented by the former Democratic president.
"We wanted something that was alive and that was a center of activity for the community, for the city and for the country," Barack Obama said of the unconventional library to be built in 2021.
The building of a library has become a tradition for former US presidents, and that of Barack Obama, who left the White House on January 20, is more like a center for reflection and action than a Space devoted to books.
The building will include classrooms, laboratories, outdoor and social spaces, as well as offices for the Obama Foundation and a place where documents related to the eight years of the Barack Obama presidency will be exhibited.
The library must "help prepare the next generation of leaders to take their own path and change the world," said the 44th US president in a video unveiling the project. For them "to make a difference in their community, in their country and in the world", he said in his presentation to some 300 people.
Barack Obama has also praised the interest of a place of life, enthusiastically presenting a basketball court, a sport he regularly practices, or a place to barbecue or sled.
"Let's look at things as they are, you all want to see Michelle's dresses," he joked, before resuming his seriousness, hoping that the Obama library could make it possible to change the perception of his city of heart, often Associated with violence and firearms.

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