Monday, May 1, 2017

Trump Believes That China Is Putting Pressure On North Korea

US President Donald Trump said in an interview Sunday that he sees exposure to China, "putting pressure" on North Korea, amid mounting tension over its nuclear programs and ballistic missile Pyongyang.

Trump said the program "Face The Nation" in the network "CBS" television that he would not "be pleased" that North Korea has a nuclear test.

He Trump in excerpts published Saturday, "I say also that I do not think the Chinese president, a man who is highly respected would be happy too."

When asked Trump about whether his remarks meant "military action," he replied, "I do not know. I mean, we'll see."

The Korea fired a ballistic missile Saturday in what appeared to be a response to the invitation of the United States in the United Nations to address "the threat of Pyongyang's nuclear system" through the tightening of international sanctions on it.

And it brought the experience of South Korea said it had failed just hours after a warning from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told the UN Security Council of "catastrophic consequences" if the international community failed, especially China, to deter the North from its weapons program.

The Trump said that the launch of the missile-proof of the lack of respect for North Korea's ally China.

Trump wrote in a tweet, "North Korea did not respect the wishes of China and its president respected when it fired a missile today, even a failed experiment."

China was the first commercial ally of North Korea has repeatedly called for the resumption of the nuclear disarmament of the Korean Peninsula dialogue but declined to use the economic pressure that would destabilize its neighbor in the north.

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