Thursday, May 4, 2017

Presidential: Obama Announces Support For Macron

The two men had already talked over the phone. It's official now. The former US president supports Emmanuel Macron for the deadline of May 7th. The French presidential election is "of vital importance for the future of France and the values ​we cherish," begins Obama.
"The success of France is important to the whole world," he added. With this in mind, Barack Obama officially announces his support to Emmanuel Macron. "I want you to know that I support Emmanuel Macron," said the former president in this video published on the Twitter account of the En Marche! , Entitled "Hope is on the Move".
"I admire the campaign that Emmanuel Macron has led," Barack Obama said, "he defended liberal values ​​... he addresses their hopes, not their fears. "An allusion to the campaign led by the candidate front, Marine Le Pen, described as" candidate of fear "by Emmanuel Macron. The Twitter account of the party En Marche! Had already put forward a phone call between Obama and Macron two weeks ago.

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