Tuesday, May 9, 2017

NGO: Numerous civilians In Venezuela Put Before Military Courts

In the course of the protests in Venezuela, many civilians were placed before military courts, according to a non-governmental organization. The military courts ordered the arrest of at least 50 civilians, said Alfredo Romero, the lawyer for the organization Foro Penal, on Monday the news agency AFP.
So far, 75 civilians had appeared before such courts, 50 of whom were still in custody.
According to Romero, about 40 other human judges were to be held on Monday. The attorney spoke of an "illegal" approach. Civilians should not be put before military courts.
Meanwhile, on Monday evening, heavy clashes between protesters and security forces occurred again. The forces deployed with tear gas against thousands of demonstrators who protested against the planned constitutional change of state leader Nicolás Maduro. The demonstrators in the capital of Caracas threw stones and brand sets, as an AFP reporter reported. There were further clashes in various states in the west of the country. Several people were injured.
Since the beginning of April, demonstrators and security forces in Venezuela have been delivering almost daily street battles. According to official figures, at least 36 people have been killed since the beginning of the wave of protests and hundreds of others have been injured. The gangsters of government are making the socialist state responsible for the severe economic crisis in the oil-rich South American country. They also oppose the controversial plans of Maduro to change the constitution of the country.

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