Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mutiny In Cote d'Ivoire: Lessons For The Government

After four days of crisis throughout the country, the Ivorian state will pay the balance of premiums promised last January to the mutineers. But in addition to the lost time, these events will remain as a waste in terms of image for the country and above all will lastingly abolish the pact of confidence between the Ivory Coast and its army.

"The government comes out rather grown of this case because you know, the objective here is to ensure that the Ivory Coast remains stable,  " welcomed the Minister of Defense, Alain Richard Donwahi, Announcement of the agreement with the mutineers.

If Côte d'Ivoire can indeed welcome, like the minister, this crisis has not caused more deaths and direct confrontation between brothers-at-arms has been avoided, the government will not be able to economize Serious reflection and effective measures on the state of his army.

Bending a Minister

Troops, part of which, less than 8,400 troops scattered throughout the country, succeeded in bending the apparent firmness of a minister who, less than a week ago, announced that there was nothing to negotiate. The mutineers who barely trembled when the Chief of the Defense Staff announced an imminent military operation that never took place. By means of shots in the air in the barracks, elements of the army will have succeeded in bringing the State back to square one: that of the payment of the premiums initially foreseen.

Both in its management and in its resolution, this crisis leaves many observers perplexed about the state's ability to enforce order in its barracks. An additional project to be carried out for the government of Alassane Ouattara by 2020.

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