Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Israel: National Press Worries After Trump's Confessions

The Donald Trump leak case threatens Israel as well as direct Israeli special agents, the national press reported, a few days before the visit of the US president to the region.

"Attention, the danger of amateurism  ", proclaims an editorialist of the daily Maariv. For another commentator, this time, "   it's not just a slip of the tongue  ." According to the media, the great fear in Israel is to see super confidential information ultimately reach Tehran.

According to the Yediot Aharonot newspaper, quoting a well-placed   Israeli source, " Israel must now readjust and reassess what types of sensitive information will now be communicated to the United States."

More serious than Watergate

The Israeli press believes that Trump's leaks are more serious than the famous Watergate affair. "The damage is triple,  " writes an editorialist of the liberal daily Haaretz. It is at first a clear and immediate peril for the source of the information communicated to the Russians, who apparently is an Israeli agent. It is also a failure of intelligence operations since the methods used were uncovered. And finally, this case raises problems at the international level. "   Exactly what Benyamin Netanyahu did not need,  " says the author of the article. "  Here, a few days before Donald Trump's visit to Israel, a preamble in the field of madness,

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