Thursday, May 18, 2017

Iran: End Of Active Campaign Among Supporters Of Hassan Rohani

On Friday, May 19, the Iranians will elect their president. The choice should be between the outgoing, the moderate Hassan Rohani, and the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raissi. On Wednesday evening, 17 May, Rohani's supporters took advantage of the end of the campaign to celebrate their candidate in the streets of Tehran.

Until the last moment, supporters of Hassan Rohani campaign with fervor. They stop the cars in the street and distribute their leaflets. Most are young, enthusiastic, they hope that the opening started by Hassan Rohani will continue if he is re-elected.

One of them insists on the need to "vote for Rohani, [since] the most important thing is to bring people together, educate them, and give them hope in order to achieve freedom and democracy Gradually".

This other activist adds: "The Iranians want peace, we are educated, people. We are seen as terrorists, we are not. We want our place in the world. We want to be able to travel in France like you."
"Still Iran, still Rohani "
Hassan Rohani is attacked on his economic record. Unemployment has increased. But for his faithful, on the contrary, the outgoing president gave the ability to undertake. It is the student's feeling that "thinks that Mr. Rohani has created opportunities for young people like me to find a job and create their own future".
The campaign ends with this song, intoned by the activists of the outgoing president: "  Still Iran, still Rohani".

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