Monday, May 15, 2017

Heavy Gunfire In Abidjan And Bouake, Ivory Coast's Second City

Heard heavy gunfire on Monday morning, 15 May 2017 in Abidjan and Bouake, which is witnessing a rebellion carried out by the military in Ivory Coast, according to residents and journalists from AFP.
The rebels called fire in the air usually to express their dissatisfaction with the delay in the payment of allowances to them.

In the economic capital Abidjan, he heard gunfire from two camps constitute the largest military barracks in Aokoido (East), as a woman staying among the signatories said.

A reporter told AFP that access to roads Akouedo, especially one of the main arteries in the area were closed while preventing the east of Abidjan residents to go to the middle.

The shooting also comes from the camp heard Galiyny on the plateau in the center of the city, which was the hot spots on Friday Plateau neighborhood.

The military rebellion led them to the death of a man after being shot in Bouake, controlled by the military rebels with the city of Korhogo also (North).

The first toll of the victims reported that twenty people were injured, including six dead since it began between 100 and 300 soldiers motionless mutiny after the first protest movement carried out last January.

The family said the man who was shot was seriously injured Saturday in Bouake that he died Sunday at the University Medical Center.

Witnesses said the man was wounded by a bullet fired by a protester soldiers who went to the headquarters of the former rebels did not get them into the army and it is called "demobilized". They demanded the rebels last Monday to obtain bonuses as well.

The rebels seized control Sunday on the site around a police station in the central city of Bouake, and shot in the air to prevent the protest at their rally, also said a journalist from Agence France-Presse.

And failed negotiations with the military leadership in Bouake. He said one of the rebels told AFP Saturday "to send us they want. We are ready." He stressed, "We are ready" to deal with the army if the pro-government intervention.

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