Tuesday, May 9, 2017

French President-elect To Continue His Consultations To Form A Government

After the great victory in the French presidential election, President-elect Emmanuel shifty continues consultations Tuesday to form the next government as the country prepares to split a decisive battle with the upcoming legislative elections in June.

Before the transfer of the expected power, Sunday ceremony at ten o'clock am (8:00 GMT) participated youngest president of France (39 years) and one of the youngest leaders are not in the world, Monday along with the Socialist outgoing President Francois Hollande to commemorate the eighth of May's victory 1945.

Holland said that ending the state of five years in which his popularity fell in record form, he feels "deep emotion" with his willingness to hand over power to shifty, who leads the movement "forward" that propel him to power.

Shifty, who got 66.1% of the vote has passed and now wants to collect "Republican progressives," on Sunday that he did not receive a "blank check" of voters after an election marked by a record abstention from voting and historical result of the extreme right (33.9%).

And wait for large files Emmanuel, who entered politics shifty in 2012, after he was in charge of the Bank for business: addressing chronic unemployment (10%) and the face of the great threat of terrorism and revive Europe's weak. The first intends to go to Berlin, he says around him.
He announced the former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls on Tuesday he wanted to be a "candidate of the presidential majority" in the upcoming legislative elections but has not been officially selected yet, according to officials from the shifty movement.

The Waltz radio "RTL", "I will be a candidate for the presidential majority and I want to register in this movement + forward '" and called "progressives and those who calls to vote for shifty before the first session and those who want to win," to do likewise.

He added: "I am aware that the rule of France is difficult, I want to succeed Emmanuel shifty", stressing that "socialist" and "left-wing".

- "like Napoleon" -

French employers welcomed his election, but they wonder about its ability to reform, especially in terms of labor law, which constitutes a red line for the number of unions.

In what appeared to be a warning, thousands of activists protested "anti-capitalist" Monday afternoon in Paris to show their determination to counter any "social suppression."

And reveal who campaigned shifty on the theme of "political renewal", in the coming days, also prime minister and composition of the government, which are considered one of the first indicators to his desire to close ranks name.

As of Sunday, Mindful of the need to obtain a majority in the National Assembly in order to be able to apply his liberal, called on voters to shifty give him "a real majority, strong" able to change.

- "Hopes"-

European leaders hailed the victory of shifty, who showed the atmosphere of satisfaction in the face of mounting nationalism.

Considered German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President-elect represents the hopes of "millions" of the French and the Europeans.

US President Donald Trump and congratulated him through a telephone call, and the two men agreed to meet on May 25 on the sidelines of a summit of NATO in Brussels.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and urged him, in particular, to "overcome the lack of mutual trust" in order to fight terrorism. The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres He expressed the hope that meets him soon touched on the positions of climate change and the fight against terrorism and peacekeeping missions in the world.

It also considered the International Monetary Fund on Tuesday that the shifty win was a "good news" for Asia, which relies on trade because it limits the concerns over the escalation of protectionism in Europe.

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