Sunday, May 14, 2017

France: Last Goodbye Full Of Emotion For Francois Hollande

On Sunday, May 14, Francois Hollande officially ceded his powers to Emmanuel Macron. After a warm greeting with the new president, Francois Hollande went to the headquarters of the Socialist Party for a final goodbye to his followers.

A hundred sympathizers equipped with red rose awaited the now ex-president in rue de Solferino on Sunday. Francois Hollande took his time to shake hands, to kiss. A banner on which he was inscribed "Merci" welcomed him to the door of the PS, the party he led for 11 years.

Inside the courtyard of this mansion, former ministers, faithful among the faithful, such as Jean-Marc Ayrault and Stephane Le Foll, were there, with activists. Again, Francois Hollande enjoyed his moment. The crowd chanted "  thanks  "and applauded it for a long time. He was surrounded by his own companions. A kind of decompression locked after 5 years in power.

In his speech, Francois Hollande praised his quinquennial. "I leave the country in a better state than I found it," said the former head of state, visibly moved. He also sent several messages to his successor: Emmanuel Macron will have the same mission to "gather the French against the dark forces that want to divide them".

Finally, he called on the Socialist Party and the left-wing voters to contribute to the success of the new president. Before leaving the rostrum, he lingered a little before launching a final "  thank you ". After a very quick start, Francois Hollande went to lunch with his former prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve before starting his new life.

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