Monday, May 8, 2017

Floods Worsen In Canada And Evacuation Operations Ongoing

Continued evacuation operations on Sunday night in a large number of areas between Ottawa, the federal capital, the island of Montreal due to the worsening floods in the eastern half of Canada.

So far, it has evacuated more than a thousand people in Quebec, the vast majority of them in Gatineau, near the federal capital, Ottawa, has also announced the emergency cell in the regional ministry.

The floods inundated more than two thousand home as authorities urge residents to leave. It announced nine of the 140 cities affected along the rivers, the state of emergency, especially in Montreal, which declared a state of emergency for two days.

Said Montreal Mayor Denis Cudera that "the next 48 hours will be critical" by the high level of water about twenty centimeters and expressed its readiness to extend a state of emergency for five days if necessary.

Besides Montreal, also declared a state of emergency in eight areas.

The worst is yet to come, and since Saturday warned the Prime Minister of Quebec Philippe Cuellar, adding that the water level will continue to rise during the two or three days.

The Ministry of Defense announced that about 1,200 troops were deployed to help relief agencies, and they contribute "to take preventive measures to strengthen dams and the basic infrastructure of bridges and water stations of treatment."

Directed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sunday Tiras Vodraa, about 40 kilometers west of Montreal Island, "to get out of the closely on flood damage", as a spokeswoman said.

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It deals with what gets impacted by a mixture of despair and consolation.

In a statement to Agence France-Presse Donald Mclegan, a resident of Rivière Street in Baarvon, about 30 kilometers west of Montreal, he said, "We are pleased with the presence of the army here ... but we will see what will happen after that."

A few streets, Robert Robier did not upset after his house, "which reached the high water 10 to 15 centimeters in the lower" Saturday night class.

"I have not seen this since 1974 when they were not the environment is her, because it was not such a number of houses at the time there."

The Ministry of Civil Security announced that the water level, from the shores of Lake Ontario (center) and to Toronto after more than 500 kilometers from the mouth of the Saint Laurent River, will continue to rise and reach its peak Monday or Tuesday in Quebec.

The situation is very dangerous in the city of Gatineau, located in Quebec, on the other side of a nearby river from Ottawa.

The flow of this river almost nine thousand cubic meters per second, equivalent to practically double the usual rate for the spring.

The buildings will remain, which includes federal departments in Gatineau closed Monday, as well as a large number of local schools and the university.

After closing the highway 50 main bridge, which provides access to the federal capital, Gatineau residents were invited not to go to their work in Ottawa, as the mayor said Maxim Bdnod-Juban.

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In Rego, about 50 kilometers from Montreal, Mayor Hans Grunoald announced a decree ordering the evacuation mandatory for about a hundred houses. He said in a statement to the network "took the initiative to evacuate people," who have spent so far about three weeks amid water "because it no longer has the moral or physical ability" to stay.

In Montreal Island, water flooded health centers and had to stand at the Sacred Heart Hospital of Psychiatry to about one hundred patient transport.

Thanks to the state of emergency, the security services can be ordered to evacuate people from flooded areas and facing the threat of the sudden rise of the water level, as President of the Montreal mayor said.

And opened dozens of reception centers in sports halls often, to host the victims.

Emergency measures organization said in Novo-Bronsfik Sunday, "despite the rainfall in the last twenty-four hours, which exceeded 100 mm in some areas of the region, not only recorded small-scale flooding did not result in a significant impact."

The storms reached the coast of the Atlantic Ocean as well and said two men missing in the British Columbia counter.

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