Monday, May 15, 2017

Electronic Attack Hits An Unprecedented 150 Countries Around The World, Including France Print

It seems that the ghost of "electronic chaos" which is overshadowed by an attack mail, walked away Monday with the organization to respond to it in about 150 countries has long been the unprecedented attack, which is still its repercussions interact in the world.

Yan said AOP Jane Orth, spokesman for the European police agency Europol told AFP in The Hague, "it seems that the number of victims did not rise and the situation seems so far stable in Europe." "It seems to be a lot of information security officials did their job during the weekend and happened security programs." He added that "it is still too early to know who was behind the attack, but we are working on decoding" in the files that were damaged.

French company "Renault" car and said it had closed Monday its plant in Douai, northern France, "for precaution".

Other destinations were also affected in France, according to Guillaume Poupard, said the French director of the agency for the security of information systems, which confirmed at the same time, he is not afraid of "electronic chaos occurs." He told Radio France International "in the countries where he returned to work Monday catastrophic damage did not occur." But he warned that "should expect a reaction in the coming days and weeks."

Putin intervenes

The virus also hit Asian countries and is the first to wake up Monday and the first stop on the effects of the virus. In Japan, Hitachi said the company network in which information "is not stable," according to a spokesman said. In China, the virus has infected "hundreds of thousands" of computers and about 30 thousand institutions, according to the information security department in the company, "Kehoe 360".

The government quoted Chinese media Monday that the Department of Chinese Internet attack continues to spread in the country, but it slowed down. It called on computer users to update security software. The company knows that it was hit when computers stop working and receive a message "has been encrypted your files" and asked to pay $ 300 in the currency of "configure" within three days and only doubled the amount and if it is not repaid within seven days erased all the files.

The director of Europol Sunday: "The latest toll refers to more than 200 thousand victims mainly from companies in 150 countries at least." And injured dozens of hospitals in Britain, and had a large number of them to cancel patient appointments Monday because doctors are unable to open medical files. Also, hit the Russian banking system and the virus group FedEx US and Spanish company communications "Tillfonica" and Greek and Italian universities.

At the time of often the fingers pointing pirates Ross, Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country "has nothing to do with" the virus. "We are always looking for the culprits where they are located," noting that, according to Microsoft, "the source of the virus is the American special services." It provoked controversy within the British political class at the height of the electoral campaign for the legislative elections on June 8, it accused the conservative opposition Labor Theresa May the government of neglect. The government has defended the reference allocated to the technology sector and the amount of the annual budget of the value of 4.2 billion pounds added to it 50 million pounds for the security of the Internet.

A crime

The virus named "Anakraa", a software information malware is the first that combines the "worm" - because it is able to penetrate the entire network from one infected computer - and the malicious program for ransom, as requested from each hand hit $ 300 in the currency of "configure" default, in exchange for not erase all the files on the infected computer.

The virus took advantage of a loophole in the Windows system giant Microsoft attacked US companies and public administrations. According to Rob Wainwright, "only a few payment operations did not happen so far." "Digital Shadows" security company said they noticed converting 32 thousand dollars in total to the malicious program addresses. He warned the US Department of Homeland Security that "the payment of ransom does not guarantee the restoration of files." Said Poupard "It seems that we are about a crime."

He said, "Some Mafia gangs used to take the drug trade and the various types of smuggling, has become today the electronic attacks because it is easier and cost less and less dangerous and a huge revenue." Said Brad Smith, president of Microsoft in his blog on Sunday that the US National Security Agency that developed the code used in the attack. He warned governments of trying to hide such security vulnerabilities, as happened in this attack, and instead, inform them of information companies and avoid sale, storage, or use them so as not to fall into the hands of those who use it for malicious purposes.

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