Saturday, May 20, 2017

Egypt: One Year On, The Crash Of Flight MS804 Still Unexplained

The aircraft of the EgyptAir company disappeared in the Mediterranean on 19 May 2016, photographed in Brussels on 4 January 2015.
One day to the day after the crash of MS804 flight to connect Paris to Cairo, the Egyptian airline organized a tribute ceremony to the victims this Friday, May 19. 66 people perished in the unexplained crash of the plane. For the past year, the survey has made a little progress and there have been major divergences between France and Egypt. Egypt favors the thesis of the attack when France thinks that nothing allows to affirm it.

The instructions of the executives of EgyptAir are clear: it is forbidden to talk to the families of the victims. At the ceremony, they are supervised by dozens of security officials who keep journalists away. Is it to avoid criticism of families on an investigation that is not progressing?

"I think we have to let the investigators do their job, drawing hasty conclusions is in the best interests of no one, let the investigators work," said Egyptian Civil Aviation Minister Chérif Fathi.

Yet he himself had advanced the thesis of the terrorist attack on the day of the crash, a year ago.

"My explanation is that on all the crashes, it takes a long time to put the pieces of the puzzle together. So you can hear different groups that have different opinions until the final report is published, explains Ahmed Adel, EgyptAir vice-president, who comments on the differences of views between France and Egypt on how To conduct the investigation. If you look at the various crashes that have occurred recently, you will notice that the initial report often changes after one or two years, sometimes the survey takes more than 4 years to bear fruit. "

Analysis of the black boxes revealed that anti-smoke alarms had been triggered before the crash. But no report explaining the cause of the drama was published by the Egyptian authorities.

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