Friday, May 19, 2017

Donald Trump In The Middle East: A Very Perilous Fire Baptism

For the first time since his election, President Donald Trump left the US for a tour of the Middle East: 5 countries in 8 days. The opportunity for him to distance himself from the polemics that surround him.

Every day of the week brought its rebound: on the links of the Trump team with Russia; On his revelations of classified information secret defense to the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs; On his attempt to intervene on the ongoing investigations.

For Donald Trump, who speaks freely about the "  worst witch hunt in American history  " on this subject, the tour abroad will bring him a breath of fresh air. But his advisors are worried because no one knows if the unpredictable Donald Trump will follow the recommendations of specialists.
Travel too long, program too busy

In Saudi Arabia, the US president will participate in a summit with 50 leaders from Muslim countries. He must speak to them about the founding discourse of his Middle Eastern policy, and make them understand, in particular, that he wishes to fight against terrorism and not against Islam. A follower of Twitter, the US president must also participate in a live forum on the social network with young Muslims. In the same week, he must also visit the holy places of the three great monotheistic religions, and speak to Pope Francis, the Israelis and the Palestinians

In a very long journey, too long according to some, where each word will count, each movement will be interpreted, the pitfalls are multiple for a president who does not like to read the files and makes no mystery. In terms of communication, the program is too busy, according to some members of the entourage. At each stage, a speech or an essential encounter, which will be erased by the next step.

This baptism of fire by Donald Trump on the international scene will be just as important in Europe or the Middle East as in domestic politics, where the president needs to heal his chipped image.

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