Thursday, May 18, 2017

Did Trump And Moscow Want To Bypass US National Security?

According to the Reuters news agency, White House advisers were reportedly in contact with Russian officials on 18 occasions during the presidential campaign. Discussions that would have multiplied after the victory of Donald Trump.

If confirmed, these revelations may well have serious consequences for US President Donald Trump. Citing four US officials still in office, Reuters reported that former national security adviser Michael Flynn was reportedly in direct contact with Russian ambassador to Washington, Sergei Kislyak.

Their talks were aimed at setting up a secret communication channel between Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. According to Reuters, the idea was to bypass the US National Security Administration, which the two heads of state would be wary of.

Contacts between the relatives of the US President and Russian officials took the form of emails and telephone conversations. The direct channel between the two presidents would have been aimed at improving economic relations between the two countries, while Russia is subject to sanctions, but also to foster cooperation in the fight against terrorism and contain the expansionism of China, according to Reuters.

Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate would have gone to the headquarters of the two main US intelligence agencies to consult the transcripts of these discussions and other documents.

Anger of Donald Trump

These revelations come as the appointment of a special investigator on the ties of the Trump campaign and Russia has the effect of a thunderclap in Washington. Donald Trump expresses his bitterness this Thursday morning through the social networks, reports our correspondent in Washington, Anne-Marie Capomaccio.

Meanwhile, the US president had to remember the threats he made when he was a candidate for Hillary Clinton: "  As soon as I am in the White House, I appoint a special prosecutor, and you will end up in prison!  "Supreme insult for Donald Trump, it is he who has to face a special investigator. A vexation he sees as "the greatest witch hunt in history."

The White House seems to be plunged into crisis. The reporters heard Donald Trump's screaming counselors behind the closed doors of their offices. The president threatened to remove the press briefings and some of the cabinet members were already trying to recast. A close friend of the presidency recognized yesterday that the White House needs a person who would have enough ascendancy over the president to prevent him from aggravating the crises by statements or untimely tweets.

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