Monday, May 15, 2017

Cyber ​​Attack: Anssi fears Regular Replies

The wave of cyber attacks that raged in the world since Friday has caused other victims in France than Renault, assured this Monday 15 May the head of the National Agency for the Security of Information Systems (Anssi). According to him, " regular replies  " should also be expected in the coming days.

The WannaCry computer virus, which has killed 200,000 people in 150 countries since Friday, has not said its last word. " It is expected to have regular replies in the coming days, weeks to come, " said Guillaume Poupart, director-general of the National Agency for the Security Systems Systems, Information (Anssi). The attackers update their software, make them more efficient, other attackers are inspired by their methods to conduct attacks for their own benefit.

However, "  cyberchaos " should not be " dreaded  ", reassures the director general of the Anssi. "  In countries that have resumed work, there is no catastrophic outbreak," he said. On the other hand, there are still quite a few victims and it is really an opportunity to replay messages of caution and prevention on this issue of computer security. "

Other targets targeted in France

According to experts, the attack has killed more than 200,000 people in at least 150 countries.
In France, Renault said on Saturday that it was hit by this aggression which forced it to stop production in several factories of the group. Guillaume Poupart said Monday that there were "  other  " targets targeted in France, but did not wish to name them. "  The victims are foremost victims and it is not up to me to add misfortune to the misfortune," he justified. We are working with them, we are really trying to re-establish as soon as possible the most problematic cases. "

The authors of this operation have not been identified, but "  obviously, we are dealing with crime," he said: "  Some mafias who used to do drug trafficking or different types of trafficking, Hui of the computer attack. It's easier, it's cheaper, it's much less risky and it pays a lot." "For the time being, obviously, few ransoms have been paid" and "it's a good thing " because of it "  fuels a vicious circle," finally assured Mr. Poupart.

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