Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Cote d'Ivoire: Minister Of Defense Announces Agreement With Mutineers

On the fourth day of the mutiny in Côte d'Ivoire, the Minister of Defense announced on Monday evening 15th on the Ivorian radio-TV (RTI) that an agreement had been reached with the military, but without specifying the modalities. The statement circulated to RTI lasted less than 2 minutes.

Hard to say on Monday night if the call for calm launched by the Ivorian Minister of Defense was heard by the mutinous soldiers. In Bouaké, the Ivoire Center, a quarter of the maquis, seemed peaceful, despite some shooting in the air.

There are no expressions of joy or anger, for the military is waiting to see the terms of the agreement. Up to now, it is rather a perplexity and skepticism that dominate the ranks of the mutineers, scorched by promises made in the recent past but which have not been kept.
The intervention of the Minister of Defense was so brief on the RTI that it was hard if the mutineers of Bouaké could see or hear it. Especially in view of the few positive or negative reactions usually manifested by Kalashnikov shots, one is entitled to wonder whether the mutineers of Bouaké and the rest of the country are in agreement with this agreement.

The divided mutineers

Some Monday evening reported that they wanted to continue the action, others were waiting for more details, but since there was no clear leader in this movement, everyone judged the situation by His own interests and follows his comrades or not.

Above all, the soldiers were waiting on Monday evening to know whether the remainder of premiums they continue to claim, namely 7 million CFA francs, would be paid in full, partially, immediately or monthly. As "  the great silent  " continues to be silent, on the side of the defense speculation is going well in Bouaké. The only immediate virtue of this announcement is perhaps to have allowed Côte d'Ivoire to avoid the worst, that is, a direct confrontation between brothers in arms.

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