Friday, May 19, 2017

Côte d'Ivoire: The Bitterness Of The Ex-combatants Demobilized From Bouake

On Thursday 18 May, the Ivorian Chief of Staff, General Sekou Touré, traveled to Bouake. He met with formerly demobilized ex-combatants and went to the hospital at the bedside of the wounded of the mutinies of the last days, as well as in the family of the demobilized who was killed on Monday by a mutineer and whose funerals Place on Monday.
The demobilized soldiers, those ex-combatants who were not given back to the army or other dressed corpses, see with envy the satisfied claims of the mutineers. Demobilized soldiers who for many live in poverty and dream of the region that the military have just touched.

In Bouake, they are a little over 4,000. If some have been able to rebound in civil life others have survived for years by deploring being forgotten by the victory of the former new forces, to which they contributed.

Demobilized who consider themselves discriminated against on a daily basis, as explained by the ex-combatant who wishes to remain anonymous. " You think that today we can post our demobilized card to someone?" When we say demobilized, we already see a person, a wild warrior, murderous intentions, but we must have a good look at those people who gave their lives and not ignore them, "he said.

Pierre Amani Yao is the secretary general of Bouaké ex-combatants. The mutineers got their bonuses. No questions that the demobilized do not receive as much. Even if they promise. They will not use the same methods. " We do not have the same way of looking at things. They are military, they are salaried, and we have nothing. Thank God, they led the fight, they won, we too must lead the fight in our own way and win. Peacefully, in peace, not in violence. We ask the same things as the mutineers, "says Pierre Amani Yao.

Demobilized people, despite everything, claim their confidence in the Ivorian authorities and can not believe that, once again, they leave them on the side of the road.

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