Sunday, May 14, 2017

Corruption In Tunisia: Demonstration Against An Amnesty Bill

In Tunis, a demonstration took place Saturday, May 13 to protest against the reconciliation bill. This initiative of the President of the Republic aims to amnesty the persons accused of corruption, officials or businessmen of the former regime, in exchange for penalties. This proposal is discussed in a parliamentary committee, but for the collective Manich Msameh ("I do not forgive" in the Tunisian dialect), who organized the event, and the dozens of associations present at the demonstration, Less laundering of corruption.

"That  [law] will not pass," "I do not forgive  ." There were several thousand on Habib-Bourguiba Avenue to demand the withdrawal of the bill, Saturday, May 13."  I am for justice and all who have done evil must be punished. There is no question of forgiveness. We refuse to be trampled,  "says Rim Karoui, 35, a professor of mathematics.

Six years after the revolution, this presidential initiative goes wrong, not to mention that it comes torpedo transitional justice, a process expected to arbitrate independently the affairs of corruption."  There is a provision in Article 148 of the Constitution that requires the State to safeguard and protect all the mechanisms of transitional justice," explains Charfeddine Kellil, a lawyer, and spokesperson for the Manich Msameh collective. This is the burial of the Tunisian model of transitional justice. "

Alongside civil society, political parties were also present in the procession, such as Ghazi Chaouachi, deputy and secretary general of the Democratic Current, in opposition: "  This law can not pass, it is against the Tunisian revolution, this Law enshrines the return of Ben Ali's former corruption regime  ".

However, it will be difficult to roll back the chair. Beji Caid Essebsi said on Wednesday, May 10, during a speech, that it was useless to demonstrate and that the law would be discussed in the Assembly.

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