Thursday, May 18, 2017

Comey Case In the US: Republicans More Than Ever In Embarrassment

The Department of Justice has appointed a former FBI boss to be in charge of Russian interference in the US campaign. Robert Mueller will now be in charge of this case with twists and turns that make a scandal. It was a concession to the Democrats who had asked for a special prosecutor since the revelations of the press:
Donald Trump had asked James Comey, ex-FBI boss, to abandon his investigation of General Flynn. The president believes that the press is abusing him. The republicans, very divided, no longer know what saint to vow.

It is the latest rebound in this case that is scandalous: the Department of Justice has resigned itself to appointing an independent special investigator. Robert Mueller, the former boss of the FBI, appointed by George Bush, confirmed by Barack Obama. This decision aims to appease the rising sling within the Republican party.

And it was a victory for the Democrats who asked for a special prosecutor. Senator Blumenthal of Connecticut welcomes this first decision: " This choice is full of meaning. Bob Mueller to experience and competence, stomach and spine, to ensure the independence of this investigation and resist the political pressure. "

The role of Robert Mueller, will, for the Department of Justice, oversee this investigation with multiple ramifications. Possible Russian interference in the presidential campaign, General Flynn's ties with Moscow and the latest revelations, an attempt by the president himself to influence an ongoing investigation. James Comey should be heard by Congress next week. The elected officials want to see the documents that are supposed to overwhelm the president. Donald Trump during this time will be overseas, on his first official trip, away from the hustle and bustle of Washington.

Republicans flee the media

If Democrats give multiple press conferences, Republicans run away from journalists like the plague. Everyone tries to avoid the question that annoys: Do you trust President Trump or James Comey?

Speaker Paul Ryan tries to give his elected officials a line of conduct: "  We need facts. Obviously, there are those who want the president. Paul Ryan tries to tighten the ranks without success. Some Republican politicians acknowledge that this affair can go a long way.

Senator McCain talks about an atmosphere that resembles Watergate. Representative Kizinger even goes in the direction of the Democrats to ask for a special investigator. But he does not want to overwhelm the president. "  I trust James Comey, he's an honest man, " he says, " but I do not accuse the president of dishonesty. It is the word of one against that of the other. We must look for evidence and entrust it to an independent personality because the record is politically toxic. "

The Republicans avoid the words "dismissal," or "hindrance to justice," but they are disturbed. The Ministry of Justice seems to have heard this sling that wins the Republican party. Robert Mueller will conduct this multi-faceted investigation.

Donald Trump's spokesman said the stories were inaccurate, but he did not want to speak publicly. Only Donald Trump and the Fox News channel continue to claim that the press is unfair.

On Wednesday morning, before the latest promotion of the US Coast Guard, without specifically speaking about the scandalous affair, the president has spilled out in public: " Look at how I am treated right now, especially by the media. No politician in history and I say it without exaggeration, has been treated as badly, or as unjustly. You can not let them reach you. You can not let the critics and the unfortunate put themselves on the path of your dreams. But the people understand what I'm doing, and that's the most important thing. I was not elected to serve the press in Washington, or special interests, I was elected to serve the forgotten men and women of this country, and that's what I do."

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