Monday, May 8, 2017

Champions League: Juventus, The Real Beast Of French Clubs

In the selection, France often took the lead over Italy, as in the 1986 and 1998 World Cups or in the Euro 2000 final. In the club too, the Blues have had some memorable successes, often against AC Milan, beaten by Marseille in 1991 and 1993 then Bordeaux in 1996.

But Juventus Turin is a real beast for French football, which has never found a way to win a double confrontation against the Old Lady. Beaten 2-0 in the semifinals to go to Louis II, Monaco is unlikely to tip the statistics Tuesday in the second leg.
Twelve face-to-face games, twelve setbacks. In the Champions League, in the Europa League, in the SuperCup of Europe, in the UEFA Cup, in the Intertoto Cup and even in the Cup of the Fair Cities: the French have tried everywhere, everywhere they have failed.
The big clubs tried their luck: Marseille, Lyon, Monaco, Bordeaux, Paris SG. Largest clubs have tried, like Rennes, and even clubs that no longer exist, like the Stade Français in 1965. All, they have failed.
0/12 (bis)
Of these 12 matches, the French club has never managed to win in Turin either at the Stadio Comunale, the Stade des Alpes or the new Juventus Stadium. That is to say the magnitude of the task of Monaco, which will not only have to win on Tuesday but with at least two goals apart.
The result is largely favorable on his lands to Juve, which has won ten times for two draws, the last of which goes back to 1984.
The only two teams left in Turin without losing are Stade Francais in the last 16 of the Cup of Cities of Fair (0-0 after a 1-0 defeat in the first leg) and Paris SG, eliminated in the 8th round Of the Cup of Cups 1983-1984 on a 0-0 in Turin after a draw 2-2 at the Parc des Princes.
2 without 3?
Monaco will be a huge achievement in eliminating Juventus on Tuesday, but the trend is obviously more towards a new Turin qualification, which would be the third in three confrontations against the club of the Principality.
Just two years ago, in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, Leonardo Jardim's Monaco had stumbled on a realistic Juventus and really not unhappy with the refereeing. On the way to their final lost against Barcelona, the Italians had gone from extreme accuracy (1-0, 0-0).
In 1998, both teams had already clashed, as this season, in the semifinals of the Champions League. This time, the Turiners had taken off in the first leg, won 4-1 thanks to a triple Del Piero and a goal from Zidane. On the way back, Monaco had won 3-2, an inadequate success.
2 but not 3
In 1985, Bordeaux came close to a fantastic comeback in the semi-finals of the European Cup of Champions Clubs.
Submerged in the first leg (3-0) by Platini and the others, the players of Aimé Jacquet had played an admirable second round and scored two goals by Müller and Battiston.
In a burning Lescure Park, the last quarter of an hour had been extraordinary, Tigana hitting the bar and Platini pushing against the whole earth. But the Juve had held and the 3rd goal had never come.
It is with the PSG that Juventus most regularly displays its cruelty. In addition to the 1984 Cuts Cup, the Parisians first had to deal with Juventus in the last 16 of the UEFA Cup 1989-1990 (defeats 1-0 in Paris and then 2-1 in Turin).
Three years later in the same competition, but in the semi-final, the elimination had been even more bitter. Beaten 2-1 only in Italy, the Parisians still believed in a quarter of the end of the game return to the Park, when the score was 0-0. But Roberto Baggio had struck, as he had done twice in the first leg, and Juve had won, as always.
The most painful defeat for the club of the capital took place in 1997 with the SuperCup of Europe. In the first leg, the Parisians are swept 6-1 at Parc des Princes, Juve de Zidane and Deschamps leading already 4-0 at the break. On the way back, it will barely be better with a 3-1 defeat.

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