Friday, May 19, 2017

Brazilian President Michel Temer Will Not Resign

After the revelations accusing him of paying bribes, the reaction of President Michel Temer was awaited. And it was clear: no he will not resign. But the president did not hammer on Thursday that he would not resign and boast of his positive balance in economic terms, the articles are flying on what is now known as the Temer affair.

The Republic "  pinned  ", title O Globo, who revealed the video in question. The newspaper also publishes exclusively the images that prove the bribes to the indices of Michel Temer and Aecio Neves.

Increasingly fragile, the president will try to maintain himself in power by seeking the support of Congress. But according to Socialist deputy Chico Alencar (PSOL-RJ) interviewed in Carta Capital, the block of political support he could count on no longer exists, and Michel Temer is no longer in a position to perform his duties. The government is moribund according to the deputy who calls for direct elections. It is also the analysis of Correio Braziliense  : the firm tone of Temer hammering that he would not resign has not served to calm the climate of disorganization within the government, and in the corridors of Planalto in Brasilia, one feels That it is the end and that the head of the executive is actually studying the best way to leave the ship.

Donald Trump yesterday held a press conference with his Colombian counterpart, Juan Manuela Santos. And inevitably, there was the talk of the dismissal of the director of the FBI. The US president denied that he asked James Comey, the former director of the federal police (FBI), to stop investigating Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, with a simple "  no, No,  "reports the Washington Post.

The US President also reiterated that there had been no interference by Russia in the campaign for the presidential election, saying that he could only speak for himself. A sizeable nuance while a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate these possible interferences. The president said that he respected this choice, but according to him this investigation and the media campaign that goes with it represents a "  witch hunt," remarks taken up by the New York Times.

Donald Trump's first trip abroad

The US president flew this Friday for a nine-day international tour with stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Brussels and finally Sicily, his first trip since he was invested, president. A journey feared by many experts and members of the administration according to the Washington Post. Fears not only that he may still be blamed for these trips, but also fears about Donald Trump's direction in US foreign policy.

The daily recalls the candidate's positions during the campaign and his speech today and stresses that, in the end, reality is essential to his primary vision of international relations. For example, concerning China, which he accused of manipulating the currency, Donald Trump finally came back to reason after seeing the Chinese president, especially since China is an essential partner in trying to find a solution to the North- Korean.

Colombian president received at the White House

Juan Manuel Santos and Donald Trump had an appointment Thursday. The Colombian daily El Tiempo said on Friday that the United States has announced its support for the ongoing peace process. Donald Trump since his inauguration last January had never addressed the issue of the peace process. It is now done. But according to El Tiempo: the most important issue in the eyes of the Americans is drug trafficking and the cultivation of coca.

A culture in full expansion and which the authorities of Bogota and of Washington wish to check. Washington is currently supporting the Bogota program, which aims to replace the cultivation of coca with coffee or bananas, El Tiempo said. But if eventually, the situation does not change, Washington will see again its copy. The United States sanctions Venezuelan officials

This should be read in particular in El Nuevo Herald. A total of eight judges were placed on the United States' blacklist, including court president Maikel Moreno. A punitive measure after their decision to abrogate the powers of the National Assembly.

A decision on which finally the authorities of Caracas had returned. These eight judges can no longer travel to the United States where their assets have been frozen. These are the first sanctions taken by the Trump administration against Venezuelan officials. Donald Trump also addressed the Venezuelan crisis yesterday at his press conference. "A very serious problem. We had not seen such a problem in terms of violence for decades," the US president said in remarks made by El Universal. "We will do what is necessary. I am talking about the humanitarian aspect," said Donald Trump.

This Thursday the record of the demonstrations since the beginning of April has increased still more, specifies El Nacional. Now 44 people have lost their lives after 48 days of mobilization. The latest victim is a fifteen-year-old boy who died yesterday in Caracas.

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