Thursday, May 4, 2017

Angry Demonstrators Threw Eggs At Marine Le Pen

It was reported that angry demonstrators threw eggs at candidate extreme right-wing French presidential elections Marine Le Pen during one of her campaign stations, three days before the second session.

And about 50 people gathered at the arrival of Le Pen to navigation company in the town of de Brittany countries (West), where the threw eggs chanting "Vlakhrj fascists".

Nor is the Brittany region in western France stronghold of the National Front, the party led by Le Pen, because it was awarded by more than 15 percent of the vote in the first round of elections held on April 23.

The guards managed to Ben amounting to 48 years of dragging them into the building of the company.

The rival of Central Emmanuel shifty (39 years) gets a 29 percent of the vote in the region.

The visit comes a day after a televised debate between the candidate's garrison saw about two-thirds of followers that was shifty more convincing through.

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