Sunday, April 9, 2017

UN Urges Burma To Release Detained Children From The Rohingya

It invited the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Burmese government to release children belonging to a minority Rohingya were arrested as part of a massive military campaign in the Rakhine State where most of the members of the Muslim minority live.

He was arrested more than 600 people, including children, in the arrests carried out by the army against the Muslims of Rohingya in the north of the country's campaign, following deadly attacks by insurgents on police positions in October / October.

Provided about 70 thousand Rohingya minority to neighboring Bangladesh, where the United Nations told investigators the killings and gang rape and torture of soldiers accused of committing Burmese.

Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF Justin Forsyth said he provided political leader window Aung San Suu Kyi with details about a dozen children languishing in Buthidaung prison.

He told AFP late Saturday at the end of a brief visit to Burma, "There are some children detained in prison, and these are the issues that we will submit" to the Burmese authorities, adding that "any child detainee is an issue for us."

He added that Suu Kyi, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, which is the leader of Burma's de facto head of the Burmese army, read the presence of children of detainees, but they did not announce any obligation to release them.

The rejection of the government spokesman, Zaw Htay, comment when contacted by AFP on Sunday.

And it approved the Human Rights Council of the United Nations last month to send a mission of inquiry to investigate violations that are believed to be committed by the army.

The authorities rejected the decision to send the mission, saying that this would lead to "inflame" the conflict.

Suu Kyi said in an interview with the BBC, "BBC" "I do not think that there is ethnic cleansing. I think that the terms' ethnic cleansing + very strong expression of what is happening."

It confirmed the envoy of the United Nations human rights to Burma Yanghee me that about 450 people were being held in Buthidaung prison when he visited in January, adding that they are unable to communicate with their lawyers and families.

It has long faced criticism of Burma because of its way of dealing with more than one million Rohingya refugees are considered illegal immigrants came from Bangladesh.

A group calling itself the "Army of Salvation Roheenga Arakan" adopted by the attacks that took place in October / October, declared that the goal of defending the rights of the minority that is being persecuted for years.

Forsyth explained that the Government of Burma and the military recognize that the deprivation subjected him to pay some of the Rohingya children of the children of the minority to bear arms.

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