Saturday, April 8, 2017

Two Killed In Clashes In Palestinian Camp In Lebanon Between Militants And Security Force

Spin fierce battles Saturday between local groups in Ain al-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon has caused since it erupted late on Friday the killing of two people and wounding 21 others wounded, according to medical sources said told AFP.

The clashes come after about six weeks of the outbreak of similar confrontations ended with the agreement of the main Palestinian factions to form a security force to oversee the security situation inside the camp.

A leader in the "open" source, the most prominent Palestinian factions in the camp, told AFP that "the violent clashes taking place in the camp Saturday after it erupted on Friday night in the first moments of the military deployment was carried out by a security force of 100 items from the various Palestinian factions."

"During pinned down at one point, they came under fire from the neighborhood under the influence of radical Islamist groups, objected to the security plan for the factions and map its deployment."

And it accused the Palestinian militant group linked to factions Invitee Bilal Badr initiative to shoot the joint force, after the condition of the coverage areas of influence security plan.

National Agency official media in Lebanon, quoted the leader of the Fatah movement Munir Maqdah, confirmed that "the security force will be deployed around the camp to extend security where no other solution."

The clashes led according to medical sources, killing two people and wounding 21 others wounded, mostly civilians. Among the dead were an element of the security force at least.

Said an AFP correspondent on the outskirts of the camp, said the fighting is going on in the residential neighborhoods of narrow and peppered with the use of medium machine-gun and rocket-propelled grenades. He quoted a witness in the neighborhood of Tiri, the most prominent points of confrontations, said at least seven houses where the fire broke out, while detained dozens of families inside their homes because of the intensity of the fighting.

Announced the Lebanese Ministry of Health Saturday evacuated patients from Sidon government hospital near the camp and distributed to other hospitals.

The AFP reporter saw paramedics from the Lebanese Red Cross are working on the transfer of a newborn baby inside an incubator to the ambulance.

Multiple references military groups exist within the camp, which is the most densely populated camps in Lebanon, known for harboring jihadist groups and outlaws.

It broke out the end of the month of February in which heavy fighting after days of suspension of Fatah participation in the leadership of the joint security force between the factions before they reached a cease-fire and the restructuring of the security force.

Lebanese security forces do not enter the camps under an unspoken agreement between the PLO and the Lebanese authorities, Palestinian factions and practiced a kind of self-security inside the camps.

Often witnessing camp assassinations and settling scores between rival power groups or political differences or otherwise, in addition to armed confrontations between the factions.

Lives in Ein el-Hilweh camp, more than 54 thousand Palestinian refugees registered with the United Nations, out of 450 thousand in Lebanon, joined them over the past years, thousands of Palestinians fleeing the violence in Syria.

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