Saturday, April 1, 2017

Two Girls Arrested In France On Suspicion Of Btakotaithma Attacks

A judicial source said the authorities had arrested two teenage girls Saturday in southern France on suspicion Btakotaithma a terrorist attack.
The source added that the two girls had been taken away, which Virgen 14 and 15 years for questioning by an anti-terrorism office, after an inspection revealed that their houses evidence to suggest the possibility of plotting to carry out an attack.

A source close to the investigation told AFP "at this stage we do not know the extent to which reached him Thouderathma," adding that he was not found weapons.

There are many girls among a group of teenagers who have recently been arrested in France during raids against terrorism, either on suspicion of plotting attacks or to communicate with elements of the organization of the Islamic state, or because they are sympathetic with the jihadist organization.

France continues in a state of emergency after witnessing a series of jihadist attacks during the last two years.

The face of the judiciary is also charged to the three teens were stopped at the end of February on suspicion of Bkiemhn suspicious chats on Telegram site instant messaging encrypted, which is the platform used by the French jihadist Qasim Rashid to call for attacks on France.

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