Friday, April 14, 2017

Turkey Stopped Five Jihadists Suspected Of Planning An Attack On The Day Of The Referendum

The Turkish police on Friday arrested five people in Istanbul, said he suspected jihadists for planning an attack ahead of a referendum Sunday on strengthening the powers of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Police arrested five suspects, including a citizen of Tajikistan, in the operations of simultaneous raids in three areas, according to official agency Anatolia.

The agency said that the security forces acted on intelligence information regarding a plot to attack "big" Sunday during the referendum, without giving more details.

The Turkish authorities have arrested Tuesday 19 people suspected of belonging to the organization of the Islamic state in the city of Izmir on charges of plotting to sabotage the voting process during the referendum.

He called on the organization of the Islamic state in the latest issue of the news magazine issued to carry out attacks against polling stations in Turkey.

Turkey has seen a series of attacks in the last 18 months has been loaded responsibility to organize the state and Kurdish fighters.

The last major attack was adopted by the organization of the Islamic state on January 1 when a gunman attacked a nightclub and shot on New Year's Eve revelers, killing 39 people.

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