Saturday, April 8, 2017

Truck assassin from Stockholm

After the truck attack in Stockholm, the Swedish police apparently took the assassin. "We suspect that the man who has been arrested is the attacker," said Lars Bysörom, police officer, on Saturday, the news agency AFP. According to information from several Swedish media, the alleged assassin who had steered the truck into a human race is to come from Uzbekistan and be a supporter of the jihadist militia Islamic state (IS).

The prosecutor's spokeswoman, Karin Rosander, told AFP that the man was charged with "terrorist killings". She pointed out that according to Swedish criminal law the suspect was the highest suspect. The public prosecutor's office did not want to comment on the man's identity.
Sweden also contacted the German authorities on the Friday investigation. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior told AFP on Saturday that he could confirm that in the case "of course the German security authorities are in close contact with the Swedish". He did not want to comment on the content of the exchange.
The broadcast "Ekot" of the Swedish Rundfunk, reported in the morning that "German authorities" had confirmed that the suspected alleged assassin came from Uzbekistan. It is unclear whether the suspect has any connections with Germany. At the same time, it was emphasized in the broadcast that contacts with authorities in other countries were necessary after exchanging such information to exchange information.
After the attack, a total of two men were arrested. The alleged assassin was taken to the Swedish security authorities on Friday night in Märsta, a small town in the north of Stockholm, and arrested on suspicion of a "terror act".
Another man had been arrested in the Stockholm suburb of Hjulsta. The investigators, however, did not want to comment on whether the arrest was connected with the attack. On Saturday, police prosecutor Byström said that the man in Marsta was the only one to be officially accused at the time.
In the center of Stockholm on Friday, an attacker struck a stolen truck through a shopping street and then crashed into the department store "Ahlens". He killed four people, fifteen others were seriously injured. Among the injured are also children according to authorities. The attack took place at around 3:00 pm at the popular Drottninggatan shopping street in Stockholm. In the night to Saturday, the police let the truck of a brewery transport away, as AFP journalists reported.
There was sadness in Stockholm on Saturday. The flags at the Royal Palace, at the government seat, at the Swedish Parliament, and at the Stockholm Town Hall were placed on half-mast. On the streets in the city center were hardly seen in the morning people. "Terror has hit the heart of the city", the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter" headlined the day after the attack. The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, had planted flowers in the evening.
After the attack, chaotic scenes had taken place in Stockholm. People fled in panic from the shopping street, helicopters circled over the city center. An eyewitness reported that the truck suddenly appeared "out of nowhere," "I've seen at least two people crossed, I ran away as fast as I could."

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