Monday, April 10, 2017

Thousands Of Swedes Are Demonstrating Against Terrorism After The Attack Stockholm

Thousands of Swedes protested Sunday against terrorism in Stockholm two days of bloody attack by a truck after police said Osbkia show "sympathy" with the jihadist groups committed.

Stockholm municipality said between twenty thousand and fifty thousand people participated in the demonstration, which was called to it via Facebook after the attack Friday afternoon took place in central Stockholm, recalling attacks adopted by the organization of the Islamic state in all of Nice in southeastern France, Berlin, and London.

And it began to clear the features of the main suspect in the attack, which left four dead and 15 wounded.

If the police did not reveal the identity of the suspect, the press reported that his name Rehmat Akilov, a worker's family and Lord.

Swedish police said in a press conference that the suspect who was arrested hours after the attack, an Uzbek in the thirty-ninth, was expelled from Sweden after the rejection of his application to get set up.

One of the leaders of the National Police Jonas Hesseng said the man was showing "sympathy with extremist organizations such as the organization of the Islamic state."

It is suspected that he drove the truck that ran over the crowd before they hit the shop facade.

The newspaper Expressen that the suspect confessed to what he did during his arrest and said he was "satisfied with it."

And arrested another suspect under investigation Sunday as part of the same pursuits, according to what she told AFP Judge Helga Holmen of the Stockholm Court without specifying its links to the main suspect.

- "We will respond with love" -

Marian that participated in the rally Sunday to Agence France-Presse said, "It is very important that we stay together against all seek to change our society based on democracy."

And committed to the crowd a minute of silence to mourn the victims of the four assault. He said the mayor of Stockholm Karen Angard "fear of terrorism will not prevail, and he can not win. We will win thanks to the openness."

He wrote on the banner brought by a veiled woman, "We will not respond with fear we will respond with love."

He said Prime Minister Stephen art ceremony honoring the official also will be held on Monday afternoon (10:00 GMT).

The police revealed that the attack killed four were of Soidetan, a Briton and a Belgian.

Swedish and the first victim is a girl in the eleventh was returning from school, while the second woman southwest of the country.

He said Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said the victim Belgian woman in the British Foreign Office said the dead man was Chris Bevengton (41 years).

The wounded nine are still in the hospital Sunday, including four in critical condition, according to health authorities.

The request Akilov license set up in 2014, but the Immigration Department refused to grant him in June 2016.

Said Hesseng "in December 2016 the Department of Immigration told him that before him four weeks to leave the country. In February 2017 asked the police to implement the resolution."

But the authorities have lost its impact until the attack Friday.

The press quoted Sunday knowledge suspect he was the Lord's family was working in a building it does not seem to extremism. One said, "was celebrated and drank alcohol."

In the truck, cabin police found suspicious packets without determining whether a bomb or bomb explosive.

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