Monday, April 24, 2017

The Trump Administration Wants To Finance Its Wall, At All Costs

The administration of President Donald Trump reaffirmed on Sunday that the financing of its wall on the Mexican border is a condition for approval of the US budget, even if risking a paralysis of the government negotiations fails.

The Republican billionaire hopes that the Congress will approve part of the financing of this wall, the key promise of his campaign in the coming days, before endorsing the budget.

In the absence of agreement, the government is likely to be paralyzed next Saturday, on the 100th day of the New York magnate at the White House, which would result in the de facto closure of government agencies.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney reached out to the Democratic opposition, saying the White House was ready to give up funding for the health insurance reform "Obamacare".

If not, will Donald Trump veto the budget? "I do not know yet," replied Mick Mulvaney on Fox News. "We ask that our priorities" be financed.

"Paralysis is not what we want and it is not a lever. We do not want to get there," he added.

"Obamacare is in serious danger. Democrats need a lot of money to move on - or (Obamacare) will die much sooner than anyone else has anticipated," threatened Donald Trump in a tweet Sunday afternoon, midday.

"Democrats do not want money from the budget to go to the wall at the border although it will stop drugs and gangs," he said.

In the end, promised the 45th US president, "Mexico will pay, in one way or another, for the wall so badly needed."


Democrats, however, do not seem inclined to seize this opportunity.

"Thinking that he might consider the paralysis of the American government because of his eccentric proposal of the wall at the border, (...) it would be the height of irresponsibility," denounced the Democratic number 2 in the Senate, Dick Durbin, On CNN.

For its part, the Minister of Homeland Security John Kelly has estimated on CBS that the financing of the wall "was certainly worth the harsh to negotiate hard".

"This will help us fulfill the President's promise to the American people," Justice Minister Jeff Sessions said on ABC.

Donald Trump, who is also a member of the Donald Trump team, is a member of Donald Trump's governing body.

On this occasion, the White House has planned a series of events throughout the week, culminating with a large gathering on its fetish theme, "America First" and a speech on Saturday.

Regularly, the specter of a paralysis of the federal government is brandished during the negotiations on the budget in the United States. Often avoided, however, it has become reality a few times in recent years, especially in 2013 already against a backdrop of political clash regarding "Obamacare", an emblematic measure of the mandate of Barack Obama. The paralysis then lasted 16 days.

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