Monday, April 3, 2017

The Provisions Of Strict Imprisonment On The Elements Of An Extremist Cell In Germany

Sentenced to four elements in an extremist cell on Monday in Germany with sanctions ranging from nine years in prison and life imprisonment, against the backdrop of a failed attack in Bonn station (west) and a number of assassination attempts.

It issued a Dusseldorf court on the first defendant, a German Marco Gable in the ninth and twenty years of age, a life sentence, without the possibility of parole request after fifteen years.

He considered solely responsible for the attempted attack with explosives in Bonn Central Station in late 2012, while the others were three of his cell on the back of a separate plan was aimed at the assassination of officials in the far-right.

In December 2012 10, found a sports bag containing a hand-made bomb at the Bonn dock station.

The bomb did not explode for some unknown reason, and the German Federal prosecutors considered after the investigation said the explosion "could lead to the killing of people on the sidewalk," the station.

And sentenced to three other defendants -albani in the forty-sixth and a Turkish-German in the twenty-eighth German in the twenty-seventh were sentenced respectively to 12 years and nine years and six months with force, for possession of firearms as part of a plan to assassinate the leaders of the far-right party.

The small party, which is active only in the province of North-Rhine-Westphalia (west), where he lived four men, use cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad in his campaign for regional elections in May 2012 during which he won 1.4 percent of the vote.

The defendants had spied on the homes of its leaders. The police arrested the members of this extremist cell on the eve of the murder that they decided to do in March 2012 13.

The German authorities show extreme caution because of the threat of jihadist camp in the country, especially since the attack truck left 12 people dead in December in Berlin, he announced the organization of the Islamic state, claimed responsibility for it.

The estimated internal intelligence services about 10 thousand the number of Islamic extremists in Germany, of whom 1600 may commit acts of violence.

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