Thursday, April 6, 2017

The First Setback For Steve Bannon Closest Advisers Donald Trump

Steve Bannon received the closest adviser to US President Donald Trump's controversial, a major setback for the loss of his position at the National Security Council, in the index to ongoing at the top of the hierarchy of amendments to the White House after the beginnings of the chaotic.

The appointment of the former head of the site "Brightbart News" right-wing extremist in this influential Council sparked a fierce debate in the United States, as denounced politicians from Democrats and Republicans alike to "politicize the" body in the White House remain in the shade but it par excellence strategy, expensive to provide advice to the President in the areas of security, intelligence, and foreign policy.

The resolution also reinforces what is believed to national security adviser Gen. Herbert Raymond McMaster, who puts his mark on this special advisory body very important site.

And in an effort to view this decision as a logical evolution, it sought Bannon, one of the most outspoken critics of "government bodies" and elites, to divert attention from it by attacking the former Democratic President Barack Obama's administration.

It was announced in a statement that the former national security "adviser Susan Rice SIXT National Security Council (...) and therefore I was appointed to the Guarantee + remove politicized '."

He stressed that this task was completed, pointing out that "General McMaster restored the National Security Council to the correct job", justified his departure, while the officials at the House refused to reveal their names to publish the same message to the media, asserting that Bannon retains the position of strategic advisor to the President and did not lose any of his influence .

But many in Washington had their interpretation is contrary to the order, and expressed satisfaction with the removal from the Board.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff in force and said that "Bannon lacks solid experience in national security issues, and promoting a long time ago for racist theories and enticing plot, was not worth his appointment at all."

Voices from the Republican side also rose, expressing satisfaction, at the top of Senator John McCain, who praised the "good decision".

The Bannon, 63, who was appointed by Trump in August / August 2016 as general manager of his campaign, under the guidance message the Republican candidate. After Trump's election victory in November, he was appointed a senior adviser in the White House, sparking condemnation of the Democrats and anti-racist organizations.

Rarely made former business banker and former film producer, made public statements since his arrival at the White House. But when he speaks publicly, his words will be violent. He described the media as the "opposition party" and vowed to destabilize Washington and "elites." He confirmed in February that "every day will be a battle."

- Battles of influence -

Behind Donald Trump's bustling style, it took Bannon, who prefers to stay in the shade great stature made some see it, "President Bannon" Grasper actually in control of the White House and promoter of some of the most controversial new presidential initiatives, such as a decree banning immigration and travel.

Though Bannon retains considerable influence, which works this week, according to the media on a new reform of the system of health insurance project, but the removal of the National Security Council reveals the balance of power in the changing scenes of management has received several major setbacks in less than one hundred days of the presidency.

The exit Bannon victory for Gen. Khalaf after McMaster February 20, Michael Flynn, who was forced to resign for making false words about the frequent contacts he had with the Russian ambassador in Washington.

White House official said Wednesday that General McMaster (54 years), a veteran of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, has its own vision of the way to work, and therefore no longer considered necessary participation Bannon.

And it is accompanied by his departure with the return of the National Security Council to a more traditional structure, particularly through the re-annexation of Director of National Intelligence and the CIA Director and Chief of Staff of the US Forces Staff General Joe Dunford formally to its ranks, after it removed when you set it, Bannon,,.

Is it just a coincidence or a pointer to the change?

Steve Bannon was not present at the White House gardens Wednesday to attend a joint press conference held by Donald Trump with Jordan's King Abdullah II.

In contrast, the melting president and reliable adviser Jared Kushner, who is increasing his influence day after day, standing in the front row, holding his wife's hand Ivanka Trump.

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