Monday, April 10, 2017

Tens Of Thousands Of Hungarians Demonstrated In Support Of The University Of Soros After The Law Could Lead To Shutting Down

Tens of thousands of Hungarians in Budapest Sunday in support of the University of Central Europe, funded by US billionaire George Soros, the Hungarian origin, demanding the president to refrain from signing the law may lead to the closure of this educational institution targeted by the Government of Viktor Orban.

It is assumed that the Hungarian President Janos Ader signed by Monday evening, the controversial law passed last Tuesday and states to deny foreign educational institutions that do not have universities in their countries of origin, licenses.

The aim of this article, especially the Central European University, which opened in 1991 after the fall of the communist regime, George Soros, the sworn enemy of Prime Minister Viktor Orban's sovereign, in order to promote "good governance, sustainable development, and social transformation."

The president can sign the law or refer it to the Constitutional Council if it deems it necessary.

He participated in the demonstration, university students and professors and protesters of all ages. And as a photographer from Agence France-Presse number of protesters sixty thousand, while organizers said the number reached to eighty thousand people.

Media Hungarian Independent said it had the largest demonstration regulated since those that took place in increased fees on the Internet in October 2014 and included between thirty and forty thousand people. The government backtracked on its decision at the time.

Having launched the slogan Urbain "to stop the European Union", demonstrators raised banners reading "to stop Moscow" and "to stop Orban."

Said Gabor Kish, a cook at the fifty-fourth-old told AFP, "I do not have children but the speed in which the government passed this law made me feel scared. They can do anything for those who want!".

He accused Prime Minister Admirer Russian President Vladimir Putin and anti like him Soros, the university "fraud" on Hungarian law.

It rejected the university taught in English and includes 1,800 students from a hundred countries and is one of the best fifty universities in the world in political science as "QS World Rankings Universiti" classification, these accusations.

And it led threats faced by the university to mobilize a broad movement. And signed more than 900 collectors in the world, including 18 Nobel prizes petition calling for the withdrawal of this law.

As it expressed by the US State Department and the European Commission and European officials, especially French concern since the issuance of this text.

He said, Orban, he was "ready to negotiate with the United States" on the future of the university, which has given until January 2018 to comply with the new law.

George Soros was born in Hungary and one of the fathers of the enemies of Viktor Orban, as well as many Central European and Balkan leaders who take his meddling in their countries through organizations funded.

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