Sunday, April 30, 2017

Shifty Got The Votes Of Voters In The First Round Of The Lack Of Better Options

More than 40% of those who voted for Emmanuel shifty in the first round of the presidential election voted for him for lack of better options, but the candidate's middle convinced him base hopes to succeed in the "calm atmosphere in France" after the run of the second session in front of his rival Marine Le Pen.

Says Isabelle Papin (55 years) from Lyon (East Central) distributed leaflets to persuade undecided voters and not wanting to vote at the second session of the seventh of May, "the reconstruction of sound this what I expect this is the hope that put him in shifty."

He adds, "We are tired of politicians who support each other and understand society because they are not present in it."

For these French, it embodies the movement of the candidate, "Forward!" Who occupied the first place in the April 23, winning 24.01% of the vote ahead of the far-right candidate, regeneration at the age of 39.

He says it is "a straight person received a good education was first described in all things that do not necessarily lead to a consensus." But in its consideration of this is not important.

Like Isabel, dozens of supporters of centrist candidate came down at the end of the week to the street to meet with residents of the city of Lyon where the former adviser and minister in the Socialist government of President Francois Hollande received as a result of higher by six points (30.31%) than the national average.

And who they think they are rare Marine Le Pen win but acknowledge that their candidate did not succeed in getting a real consensus or even give a push to the voters. According to a recent opinion poll, the shifty former banker got 41% of the vote for lack of better options.

According to Emmanuel Vigno (43 years) employed in a multinational company, "said the head of Mali, to the maximum extent for the voters of the left is part of the state of Hollande's presidential in the eyes of right-wing voters."

It is not concerned about the outcome of the second session, even though its candidate was considered to be "a mistake" at the beginning of his campaign for the second session, "his position, which was described as very arrogant at the time of Marine Le Pen will face what it entails some anxiety and sobriety."

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She adds, "but it will be an excellent president," saying it attracted "to his intelligence and persistence and ability to learn very quickly."

Says Jean Viscount (64 years) "If we trust the emerging generations old people are stupid." He wants to trust in the will of shifty "close ranks despite political divisions" and "youth".

Raises former economy minister (2014-2016), which embodies his supporters for a new political approach, attention also to confirm that the average "is not right or left."

Says retired doctor Alan Jacquard (75 years) "chose shifty only possible alternative through better preselected at the right and left," while the traditional parties in the "spend time in the demolition of what was built by the other camp."

He adds, "shifty applied policy aimed at re-distribution of wealth and the requirement of collateral for its production" and expressed satisfaction with the intention to support institutions.

Is it possible for this speech to convince the French disadvantaged who chose other candidates in the first round?

Says Pierre, 26, an employee socialist activist and that it is possible. He adds, "My mother and my father is a farmer worker leaning to the right and voice to the shifty because his speech focused on the strengthening of the purchasing power."

And sees the shifty "personal able to calm down society" and described as a "left and realistic."

For its part, says Christine Montaber (41 years), the French-German, which attaches great importance to its attachment to the European Union, "he was the only one who made the audience applaud the European flag in the rallies."

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