Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Saudi Arabia's First Woman On Trial On Charges Of Participating In The Shiite Protests

Saudi Arabia's judiciary on trial for the first time a woman convicted of participating in the protests by the Shiite minority in Saudi Arabia also reported Tuesday a local newspaper.

The newspaper "Okaz" did not reveal the identity of the accused, but said it's a 43-year-old.

She added, "It's the first woman accused of involvement in terrorist activities in Qatif," Shia in the east of the kingdom, which has been the scene of many events.

She noted that her trial began Monday.

It saw the Qatif area demonstrated during the protest movement in the Arab world against the government in 2011.

Qatif is located in the eastern region of the kingdom where the majority Shiites who complain of marginalization.

Ali said Aldbesa director of a Saudi human rights organization based in Berlin that more than 200 men were convicted on charges of participating in the demonstrations and issued against some of the death penalty.

He said that the woman named Naima expelled and works as a nurse, confirming that it is the first woman on trial on charges of participating in the protests.

He told AFP, "It is completely innocent" and described it as "defending human rights."

At the start of her trial Monday, accusing them of public prosecution, especially with "disturbing public order" and "inciting sectarian violence", according to Okaz newspaper.

He is also accused of using social networking with the aim of "incitement against the government and the judiciary."

The newspaper added that the defendant asked the court for more time to prepare for their defense "and choose a lawyer."

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