Monday, April 3, 2017

Santos: Death Toll Rises Landslides In Colombia To 254 People, Including 43 Children

Announced Colombian President Juan-Manuel Santos Monday that the outcome of the landslide disaster that took place in the city of Mocoa south of the country and caused by heavy rains rose to 254 people, including 43 children, warning that the toll expected to rise.

Santos wrote in a tweet, "was informed that the death toll has risen to 254 dead," including at least "43 children. That our prayers accompany them. Our condolences to their families."

He added, "Unfortunately, these are still provisional figures."

The president went to the stricken city to personally oversee rescue operations involving more than a thousand element ambulance racing against time to find possible survivors.

It was sent more than seven tons of medical supplies, water, and electricity supply to Mokwa.

I saw entire neighborhoods in Mocoa, the city, which is 40 thousand people and deprived of electricity and water, considerable damage after the flooding of rivers Mokwa and Mulatu and Sankhuyako.

The pouring rain caused by the "El NiƱo" weather phenomenon, several weeks ago the Andean region in the northwest of Latin America, and caused floods in Peru, where caused 101 people dead and more than 900 thousand Doomed, and in Ecuador, where he counted 21 dead and 1280 plagued.

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