Saturday, April 15, 2017

Protection Of Donald Trump And His Family, The Task Of Cumbersome And Costly

It raises the family of US President Donald Trump members in charge of major difficulties on the elements of personal protection in all their movements continued between New York and Washington and Mentdjahm in Florida.

Among the processions of cars four-wheel drive with dark glass and guard "Trump Tower" Tower in Manhattan on the clock and trips at the end of each week on board the presidential plane and the protection of the five children of the president, the bill for this enormous security mission remains secret but it is certainly expensive.

Adding to the complexity of the personal question Donald Trump, who boasted of moving suddenly without warning.

A former officer in the Special Forces, who works today an expert in the fight against terrorism, James Rees told AFP, "the presence of Prime does not match the traditional model of the President of the United States, it is essential that there be more elements," he said. "They need breaks a program to keep the level of Tohbhm in reducing Al-Aqsa. "

Adding to the difficulties are distributed geographically Trump's family members, where Melania Trump president's wife still lives in New York with their son Baron.
The 11 years boy every day goes to school, with the escorted by the Secret Service, the agency in charge of federal protection of the president.

The Ivanka, the most famous children of a wealthy businessman, with her husband Jared It maintained Kouchner and three children in a luxury headquarters in Washington, has guarded day and night, as the Secret Service motorcades believe her and her husband while traveling any of them to the White House.

- Caribbean, Dubai, and Ireland ... -

The secret device shall also protect Eric Don, my son Trump, who ran the family real estate empire, especially in their trips abroad intensive escort of bodyguards.

In this context, the simple business trip Eric Trump in January to Uruguay cost American taxpayers a hundred thousand dollars.

The two brothers also launched in February hotel in Vancouver with their wives and their sister Tiffany and carried out the opening of a golf course in Dubai. Prior to that, Eric Trump visited tourist projects in the Dominican Republic.

And went without Eric and Ivanka last month on a ski trip to a luxury resort in the "Rocky" Mountains in Aspen, the secret device cost of $ 4030 to hire limousines and $ 11261 for accommodation costs, according to calculations conducted by the network, "CBS."

The increased number of this device shall protect them by 40% from the normal limit, according to the newspaper "New York Times".
The MP said Jason Hawick told the newspaper that the device elements "completely exhausted", while his colleague Elijah talked about Cummins "bicycle can not get off it."

The investigation revealed recently that the secret service is becoming the less attractive federal agency to operate, it has requested an additional budget of $ 60 million for the next year without getting them complete.

- Florida instead of Camp David -

It is imperative that the machine elements of rental offices in the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York, and golf carts while the billionaire moves to his palace in Maralagu, Fla., Where he spent so far seven weekends out of 13 licenses since taking office.

The move is supposed to Maralagu resort, the building, which was built in the twenties between the Gulf and the sea, complex logistical procedures, in particular, to stop traffic on the roads of axes experiencing heavy traffic in the course of Palm Beach. It is expected to facilitate the process after the establishment of a helipad at the resort.

Rees said that "the main challenge is the size of this complex, which has not praised based on the criteria used to protect the President of the United States."

Said Douglas Smith, Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security earlier told AFP that the site is fenced and is open to the public.

On the other hand, he explained that "the Camp David headquarters isolated and protect it much easier." This is the official summer residence of the US president in a mountainous area and can be reached in a short ride in a helicopter from the White House.
Tn Maralagu, the secret device packaging a large number of elements, supported by local Sharif forces, while the Coast Guard to deploy armed boats along the beaches.

Secret Service does not specify the cost of weekends in Maralagu. For comparison, the trip made by former President Barack Obama in 2013 to Palm Beach cost three million dollars.

But James Reese warned of any comparison explaining that "the budget in the continuous evolution and the secret device to show flexibility with the head adjusts the rules from minute to minute."

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