Saturday, April 1, 2017

Presidential Poll: Fillon Reduces The Gap With Macron And Le Pen

Francois-Fillon (+2) is raising the bar and narrowing the gap between Emmanuel Macron (-1) and Marine Le Pen (-1), slightly down in the first round of the presidential election, according to a poll BVA-Salesforce released on Saturday.

The candidate of En Marche !, with 25% of voting intentions, and that of the National Front, credited with 24%, are always elbow-to-elbow for the first place.
Still far behind, the candidate of the right wins for his part two points in one week to 19% and arrests several weeks of decrease related to suspicions of fictitious jobs of his family members, according to this survey conducted for Orange and the regional press.

On the left, the gap widens between Jean-Luc Melenchon, who gains a point with 15% of voting intentions, and Benoît Hamon, stable at 11.5%.
The sovereignist Nicolas Dupont-Aignan loses a point at 3%, Nathalie Arthaud gains 0.5 to 1% and the other candidates collect at best 0.5% of voting intentions. 7% of respondents did not express voting intentions.

At three weeks of the first round, François Fillon's electoral base solidified, with 79% (+10) of his potential voters saying they were certain of their choice. It is also the case for Emmanuel Macron, with 63% (+8) of his voters sure of their choice, Marine Le Pen having the strongest base (81%, -1).
In the second round, Emmanuel Macron would advance Marine Le Pen, with 60% of votes against 40%.

In total, 38% (-2) of French respondents planning to vote do not express voting intentions or say they can change their minds. 74% say they are interested in the presidential election, without any change.
A survey carried out online from 29 to 30 March, with 1,418 persons registered on the electoral roll, according to the quota method. The margin of error of 1.4 to 3.1 points.
Voting intentions do not constitute a forecast of the outcome of the ballot. They give an indication of the power relations and the dynamics on the day of the survey.

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