Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Pentagon Announces 144 Afghan Soldiers Killed In Taliban Attack On A Base In Mazar-e-Sharif

An official at the US Defense Department on Tuesday told AFP that the Taliban attack on a military base in Afghanistan on Friday, killing 144 people.
The official added on condition of anonymity, said about 60 members of the security forces were wounded in the attack on a military base in northern Mazar-e-Sharif.

Afghan authorities have not issued an official toll sufficient reference to the fall of "more than one hundred dead and wounded", while the death toll ranged according to different information gathered by AFP between 130 and 160 people, mostly young recruits.

Ten gunmen wearing military uniforms and suicide vests entered the base of the army trucks and opened fire on the soldiers during Friday prayers and in the dining hall.

The US official added that "the reason for the number of the dead lies in the prohibition of the introduction of weapons into the mosque or the dining hall, and a large number gathered in a tight place."

"We believe it is process planned well during the period ranged between four and six months probably.
He said about 30 soldiers from the international coalition were in the base at the time of the attack, but they were there as trainers or advisers did not participate thus in repelling the attack, which lasted almost six hours of operations, likely to be Americans or Germans, and possibly other nationalities.

The United States kept supporting Afghan forces in the anti-terrorism campaign .8400 element in the country and lead in parallel NATO, which launches raids on sites of al-Qaeda and the Taliban and the organization of the Islamic state operations.

Afghan security forces weakened by the killing and escape from military service operations, hard victory over the rebels since NATO troops ended the US-led combat mission in January 2014 and trying.

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