Saturday, April 15, 2017

North Korea Is Threatening The US In Nuclear Attack With Nuclear Retaliation

North Korea has threatened the United States to repay a nuclear attack with a corresponding counter-attack. North Korea is ready to answer a "complete war with a complete war," said the number two of the Stalinist-led country, Choe Ryong Hae, in a speech broadcast by State TV in Pyongyang. "And we are ready to respond to any nuclear attack with an atomic attack in our way."

Choe held the speech shortly before the start of a great military parade in honor of the 105th birthday of the late state founder Kim Il Sung.
Subsequently, the parade under the eyes of the leader Kim Jong Un, the grandson of the founder, and other senior high-ranking officials began. Led by a military band, soldiers marched to the huge square in the center of the capital, followed by tanks and other military equipment.

It was feared worldwide that the North Korean leadership under KimJong, the grandson of Kim Il Sung, could undertake a new nuclear weapons test on the occasion of the anniversary. According to US experts, satellite images have already shown suspicious activity on the Punggye Ri test site.

Kim Jong Un has been provoking provocations against the West for some time. Last year alone, he had two nuclear weapons tests, while the North Korean leadership is working on the development of long-range missiles that could carry nuclear warheads to the United States. The Stalinist-led country thus violates several UN Security Council resolutions.

The US had announced to investigate "military options" because of the threat from North Korea. US President Donald Trump sent the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and several warships to the Korean peninsula a few days ago.

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