Saturday, April 1, 2017

More Than 110 Dead And 200 Missing In The Landslide In Colombia

Resulted in landslides as a result of heavy rains hit the region from Peru to Ecuador killed more than 110 people dead and about 200 others were declared missing Saturday in Colombia.

President Juan Manuel dos Santos announced upon his arrival in Mokwa major cities in Putumayo south of the country "has reported the occurrence of 112 people. We do not know, and what will be the outcome, we continue to look."

He noted the Red Cross also wounded 188 people injured, 22 were exposed to a concussion dangerous in the brain, while the authorities said about 200 people missing in landslides caused by night from high Mokwa river level and the three tributaries Vgmrt water the city has a population of 40 thousand people.

Cesar said Aorwina director general relief in the Colombian Red Cross told AFP, "a frightening toll rises quickly."

The previous toll pointed to the fall of 92 dead and 180 wounded.

Dos Santos went to Mokwa accompanied by a number of ministers to oversee rescue operations.

The disaster occurred at around 23.30 Friday (04,30 GMT Saturday) after a rise in the level of the river and its tributaries, according to an army statement.

The governor spoke of Putumayo Sorrell Arauca region for "unprecedented disaster", adding to the radio "Doble or" it "is not found after hundreds of families, and there are entire neighborhoods no longer exist."

National Disaster Management Authority and pointed to the affected 300 families, at least.

In the televised images the city appeared to have flooded the streets of mud while the military is trying to save children from the rubble amid the wreckage of cars.

The authorities have formed a crisis group comprising local officials and military units and teams of police and to organize the relief work of tracing and start removing hundreds of tons of rubble.

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