Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Marine Le Pen Promises To The Bas-Rhinans To "Make Them Alsace"

Marine Le Pen, candidate FN in the presidential, Wednesday took the commitment before his supporters in Monswiller (Bas-Rhin) to "return Alsace" while reiterating that she wishes to remove the regional councils.

In a village near Saverne, Le Pen has attacked the European Union, which is "unfamiliar" with its "revolution of proximity" in front of more than a thousand supporters and a room full of supporters "Navy blue" Totally the reality of people because she does not care madly. "

"Look at these largely merged areas, I was a victim in the north, with the Hauts-de-France. You too, with the Grand Est mastodon imposed on you," she said, Under "We are at home".

"This Great East, it does not represent anything, it has neither history, meaning nor coherence and it does not work at all," she said.

"My project is the opposite of these mastodons, so I announce it to you, and I promise to do so tonight in front of you: by ending the Regional Councils and a fortiori the merged regions, Alsace ", continued the patron of the FN, under a great clamor.

"I will return it to all the French, freed from this administrative shell + Grand Est +", she said.

"Not only will we make substantial savings, for example on the cost of 2,000 regional councilors paid in France, but we will also be able to revive the names we tried to bury, that despite their glorious history, Purely and simply disappear ... Alsace, of course, Picardy, Lorraine, Champagne-Ardenne, Aquitaine, Auvergne, Limousin! " Enumerated the patron of the FN.

For the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen, "all these names are so good to France, all these names are France millennium and eternal."

"On the panels of our roads, it is not + Grand Est + that we must register but Alsace! Haut-Rhin! Bas-Rhin!" The MEP pleaded with the applause.

And to recall immediately that it intends to "keep three levels administrative", commune, department, State, but more inter-municipalities, regions and the European Union, because "honestly enough is enough."

In a Bas-Rhin border with Germany, Mrs. Le Pen also assured, to counter any "caricature", that "to control borders is not to close them by an iron curtain."

"Border workers will have a special mechanism, recognizing their status. They will have nothing to fear from the return of borders," she said.

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