Wednesday, April 5, 2017

JO-2024: The Sports World "Has Confidence" In The Face Of Political Uncertainty In France

There is "a lot of confidence in the capacity of France to carry the republican values", assures the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo in an interview with the AFP in Aarhus, while the question of the political uncertainty arises among the Members of the IOC in the lead-up to the presidential election in France.

Q: What would the Olympics bring to Paris?

Ans: "Before launching this candidature, the 4th of Paris, I asked that we ask ourselves the question" for what? "I have an interest in the Games, the biggest world event that I think that France for its cosmopolitan youth needs a great unifying project, and we need to put hope and optimism in this youth and the Games are There is a lot of change in the Games, including ecological transformation, in line with the agreement on climate signed in Paris. According to the studies, the impact is estimated at about 10 billion euros and more than 230,000 jobs".

Q: What message did you want to pass this week to both the IOC and the federations?

Ans: "The IOC is really right to want to revisit the selection process because there are two cities that have been rescued after two years. This raises the question, this procedure presents many risks, notably political and beyond. A shorter, even less costly procedure. Ideas can be borrowed from the large public procurement procedures that are able to provide transparency, reliability, and timeliness. "
Q: If Paris does not get the OJ 2024 and the IOC offers it the Olympic Games 2028, will you accept?

Ans: "We are committed for 2024, it is the right time for Paris, it is the celebration of the centenary of the 1924 Olympics in Paris and at a time when Paris can be the accelerator on many climatic values, Democracy and welcoming the diversity of the world ... We also want to help the IOC find the solution that will allow the Olympic movement to be consolidated and the cities to have more reasonable procedures for them. "

Q: Is 2028 horizon too far apart?

Ans: "I will not go any further but we are committed for 2024 and we will help the IOC to move forward in defining these new procedures."

Q: Did you feel that the issue of political uncertainty in France a few weeks before the presidential election is of concern to IOC members and international federations?

Ans: "This is a question of course, because French political life interests well beyond our borders but above all what I feel is that most of our interlocutors consider that France is a great country and A great responsible people and the worst being the National Front, the extreme right, the worst will be avoided.I have great confidence in the French people's ability to make a democratic choice that will not be the choice of extremes. Has much confidence in France's ability to carry the republican values that unite us."

Q: Do you have confidence that the next president of the Republic, whatever it is, will support the candidacy of Paris 2024?

Ans: "Today those and those, in any case, those - for that does not go (Anne Hidalgo alludes to Marine Le Pen, NDLR) - those who carry the republican values ​​will support the candidature of Paris 2024, In doubt not. "

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