Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Investigation Of Chemical Attack In Syria: Security Council Vote

The UN Security Council is expected to vote Wednesday on a draft resolution calling for cooperation from the Syrian regime in an investigation into the alleged attack on a rebellious locality on 4 April, Of American diplomats.

Voting is scheduled at 1900 GMT but, according to diplomats, Russia should use its right of veto. This would be the eighth time that Moscow - where US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is currently - is using this prerogative to the Security Council to block a UN action against its Syrian ally.

The United Kingdom, France, and the United States earlier Tuesday presented to the Council a new draft resolution calling for an investigation into the attack, despite the failure of negotiations last week.
The draft resolution calls for "full cooperation in the investigation" on the attack in the Khan Cheikhoun (northwest) locality, in the rebel and jihadist zone, said the British ambassador in the middle of the day Matthew Rycroft on Twitter.

The Security Council last week considered three draft resolutions without ever voting in response to the chemical attack on the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This attack killed at least 87, including 31 children.

In retaliation, the United States conducted a Tomahawk missile strike on a Syrian military base on the night of 6-7 April, from which the US government allegedly launched a chemical attack.

"We can not give up and we must try, in good faith, as best we can, to have a text condemning the attack, and calling for a thorough investigation," said French ambassador to the UN Fran├žois Delattre on Tuesday, To journalists.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also called for an in-depth investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), while suggesting that the Syrian President was the target of false accusations.

The Turkish Minister of Health confirmed that the post-mortem examinations of the victims showed that they had been exposed to sarin gas, a powerful neurotoxic agent.

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