Sunday, April 16, 2017

Demonstrations Calling For Trump To Declare His Taxes

Thousands gathered Saturday in several US cities, demanding President Donald Trump to declare its revenues and his taxes, which is what a businessman refuses to do.

In Washington, specifically in the vicinity of the Capitol, thousands of demonstrators gathered from various ages, holding banners reading "Why hide?" Or "real men pay their taxes."

The progress of assembly model of Trump in the form of a giant chicken expression of strained personal accused by the US president.

In New York, thousands also participated in the march and got other gatherings in Philadelphia, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and across the United States.

Berkeley, on San Francisco Bay, got brawls in one of the gardens between supporters of the President and his opponents, and was arrested 21 people, according to the newspaper "Los Angeles Times".

Network "CNN" quoted a spokeswoman for the Berkeley police as saying "we'll see (videos) video surveillance, and those portrayed by witnesses and send them to us, and perhaps issue the arrest warrants."

These gatherings were organized symbolically before April 18 / April, another deadline in the United States to permit Bamadakhal for 2016.

Said Liz Turner, 31, in Washington, "(Trump) to declare his taxes if he did not have something to hide (...) I do not know, maybe find something about Russia."

Reported Eileen retired Ludwik (67 years) that is involved in all demonstrations against the Trump since his election "has offended many of the illegal or questionable investments."

In recent years, the publication of all presidents and candidates for the White House tax data for a year or more, to detect any potential conflicts of interest.

The law does not currently require only to publish a financial statement containing estimates of the assets, debts, and income without checking the value of the taxes paid.

But this statement is of great significance for the opponents of Trump because he had already boasted that he knew how to exploit all legal tax loopholes to reduce the value payable.

Trump justifies his refusal to publish these documents and tax control, which is exposed.

He said Democratic Senator Ron Wyden told the crowd that "the publication of the tax statement is the norm for the moral minimum to any president," and "ask him to Altima."

The US president is not present in Washington over the weekend, but in his mansion in Florida Maralagu.

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