Monday, April 17, 2017

Death Toll Rises As The Collapse Of The Mountain Of Waste In Sri Lanka

The outcome of the collapse of the mountain of waste rose on a random housing in Sri Lanka to 29 people at least, what the authorities said Monday.

Hundreds of soldiers continue to search amid tons of rotting rubbish and wreckage of the 145 houses were destroyed by the disaster Friday in a garbage Kolonnawa garbage which is surrounded by slums at the northeastern edge of the capital Colombo.

The security forces reported a number of people are still missing. The spokesman said army spokesman Roshan Sinfiratne Monday, "We continue to search but not great in the hope of finding alive in these circumstances."

He said disaster management officials transferred 1,700 people to shelters temporarily in government schools as the government seeks to find alternative housing for them. Many houses were damaged in the incident and are in danger of collapse.

Police tightened security measures in place after information about the looting with the arrest of 23 people suspected of having stolen back to the purposes of the victims.

During the country's New Year celebration at the Sinhalese and Tamil, a mountain collapsed waste, up to 91 meters on Friday after a day of heavy rain and the hours after the fire broke out and buried random houses surrounding it.

The collapse was followed by a warning issued by the Sri Lankan parliament that 23 million tons of garbage rotting constitute a serious health risk.

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said his government was taking measures to move the mountain of waste, but it collapsed before the start of operations to remove it.

And added about 800 tons of solid waste to the landfill daily in Sri Lanka are trying to generate electricity from solid waste.

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